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We Facilitate The Exchange Of Goods And Services For Cryptocurrency.

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About Us

Boast Coast was created by a team of IT professionals who all have a passion for cryptocurrency. We believe in the potential of crypto and how it is redefining the exchange of goods and services online. We wanted to create a platform similar to OLX where users can communicate with each other in the type of open-exchange environment that cryptocurrency promotes. 

We wanted to make a place that connects buyers and sellers. There is no actual monetary exchange that takes place on the platform. We strictly supply a platform where people can list goods for sale and get into communication with potential buyers. 

Turn your unused items into crypto for your digital wallet. Sell your goods for crypto on Boast Coast!

Our Product Listing Process

While Boast Coast does not take any type of commission for a sale listed on our site, we still conduct a vetting process before a listing becomes active. This is to help prevent scams and other fraudulent activity from taking place. Our team scrutinizes all items before approving them for active status. If you have any further questions about our review process, you can contact us or visit our Help Center.

Help Center

Types of Products You Can Sell on Boast Coast

Boast Coast is home to a wide community of sellers listing an array of goods and services. You can get crypto by selling goods like:

  • # Mobile devices
  • # Automobiles
  • # Electronics
  • # Motorbikes
  • # Games
  • # Toys
  • # Sporting goods
  • # NFTs
  • # And more...

The site is constantly updated with new listings. Sellers can post multiple items and track views on posts and communications with potential buyers through the platform. 

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Crypto Market FAQs

How Do I Know if a Posting is Legitimate?

Our team vets all potential listings on Boast Coast. That being said, we strongly recommend confirming the quality of the product before committing the exchange.

Is Boast Coast Only for Local Sales?

In its current form - yes! We are developing a feature where you can look for products in other locations. You can find local sales like you would on Craigslist. Any exchanges involving shipping must be worked out between the buyer and seller at their own discretion. 

How Many Listings Can I Have?

Users can post 30 listings in a month for free.

Does Boast Coast Take a Portion of the Sale?

We do not take any commissions from sales on our site. 

Are There Any Prohibited Items on Boast Coast?

Yes. There are a number of goods and services banned from being exchanged using our platform. You can find this list at our Help Center.

Do You Have Customer Support?

We are available through TrustPilot, telegram, email, or live chat to help with any customer needs. You can also visit our physical office location in New York. 

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Address : 341 W, 36th St, NY, 10018, USA
Phone : +1.2125428990
Time : 9 AM - 5 PM

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Address : 356 W, 37th St, NY, 10018, USA
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Time : 9 AM - 5 PM
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