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Nft non fungible
BBB 5,000,000.000
John peter
1 day ago, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Favour Sophia
1 day ago, NigeriaAfrica
Organic products
USDT 10.000
Ezekiel Omotayo
1 day ago, Lagos Nigeria
2 days ago, Scunthorpe, England
Hp laserjet
USDT 50.000
Tuka Augustine Foran
2 days ago, Mangu, Plateau State
Online teacher
BBB 300,000,000.000
Emmanuel King
2 days ago, Lagos Nigeria
Motorola one 5g ace
USDC 300.000
Terry Ortman
2 days ago, Decatur, usa
USDT 500.000
Samuel Ogoniba
3 days ago, Yenagoa, Nigeria
Youth jacket
ETH 0.600
3 days ago, ASTANA , KAZAHSTAN
Cheshire cat
ETH 0.100
Yogendra Ghissing
3 days ago, Kurseong, India
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Peer-to-Peer Crypto Marketplace | Buy Sell Goods for Crypto

Buy and Sell All Kinds Of Goods And Services For Crypto On Boast Coast. Boast Coast is your local classifed platform to buy sell your old items, used less item for crypto.

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A Viable Marketplace for Crypto Holders

Sitting on crypto and unsure about how to spend it online? Have unused items that you need to sell? Boast Coast is a platform where buyers and sellers can come together to execute a trade. Think of Boast Coast like a Craigslist, Locanto, OLX for the crypto community. Buyers can browse through pages of goods and sellers can list their items online in the hopes of making a trade. 

The platform helps initiate contact between buyer and seller. There is no actual monetary exchange taking place on Boast Coast. 

Types of Products You Can Sell

There is a wide selection of products available for crypto exchange on Boast Coast. Some popular categories include:

  • # Automobiles
  • # Mobile devices
  • # Electronics
  • # Motorbikes
  • # Games
  • # Toys
  • # Sporting goods
  • # NFTs
  • And more...

We recommend you check back often, as sellers are constantly adding new products. You can always reach out to our customer support team should you have any questions about inventory. 

Why Should You Sell with Boast Coast ?

Boast Coast is made up of a team of IT experts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We wanted to design a platform that was an open communication format for crypto users to exchange in trading. You can use your crypto to buy tangible goods, just like you would in any other brick-and-mortar marketing setting. Turn your unused products into more crypto for your portfolio. You can learn more about us here. 

About Us

Crypto Market Best Practices

Since this is a peer-to-peer regulated network that uses cryptocurrency, we strongly recommend buyers and sellers do their due diligence before coordinating a trade through Boast Coast. This is to help protect your assets and prevent fraud from taking place. Some simple tips are:

  • # Meet sellers or buyers in a public area 
  • # Test any products before buying
  • # Be wary of scam products or services
  • # Try to bring someone else with you to the exchange (if applicable)
  • # Only trade with someone who has a legitimate cryptocurrency wallet
  • # Be wary of scam altcoin users

How to Use Boast Coast ?

Step One: Make an Account

Sign up for Boast Coast is free! Users must have an account to communicate with other users on the platform.

Step Two: List a Product or Browse Catalogue

Sellers can post their items to Boast Coast free of charge. We do not take a concession from the listing. Buyers can browse through the selection of products and message the seller if interested. 

Step Three: Set Up Exchange

Buyers and sellers can communicate on their own to set up how, when, and where to complete the exchange. There is no actual monetary exchange that takes place on the site. 

Make an Account and Start Shopping Today

Put your crypto to work for you! Sell goods with crypto using our peer-to-peer exchange platform and see how you can convert goods into more digital currency for your portfolio. Sign up for an account with Boast Coast and start exchanging goods for crypto now. Be sure to check for updated listings daily!

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We offer free P2P (person-to-person) marketplace where people can buy/sell their stuffs in crypto without any commission.

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