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It's easy to sell and buy electronics with crypto or with bitcoins. In this article, we show you how. Contact BoastCoast now for more information.

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What Is BoastCoast?

BoastCoast is a free person-to-person (P2P) online crypto marketplace that allows individuals to buy and sell all different types of items online using cryptocurrency. There are no fees and no commissions to pay, so what you make is yours to keep. Our platform is rapidly growing in popularity. Therefore, posting your stuff here on BoastCoast means you will get many views from people within your area who are here to shop.

We Provide Excellent Customer Support

Unlike other buy/sell online marketplaces that don’t even provide a way to reach them, BoastCoast provides multiple ways to communicate with us. We care about your needs and want to help make your experience with us as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Connect with us through live chat, Trustpilot, email, or telegram, or you can even visit our physical office in New York if you are in the area. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or address your concerns.

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Shop at BoastCoast for the Latest in Electronic Technology

If you are looking to buy electronics with crypto, you are in the right place. BoastCoast is a merchant service that allows users to buy and sell all types of products, including the latest in electronic technology, using a variety of cryptocurrencies. We invite you to come in and take a look around, and you are sure to find what you need as there is something for everyone here. And don’t forget to stop back often as new stuff is constantly being listed on our site.

Sell Electronics for Crypto or Bitcoins

Do you have electronics to sell to the public? Are you willing to accept crypto as payment? If you answered, “yes” to these questions then get ready to make some serious earnings. BoastCoast offers merchants a free platform to sell their stuff. Post all types of electronics right here on our site and watch your sales grow.

Benefits of Selling on Our Crypto Marketplace

Enjoy many benefits when selling at our marketplace, including:

  • List up to 30 items for sale per month
  • Your listings never expire, they remain active until you remove them yourself
  • Track the views on your listings
  • Connect with potential buyers right on our platform
  • Set your price in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins for exchanges
  • Turn unused items into cryptocurrency you can add to your digital wallet.

How It Works

Step 1: Create an Account

Sign-up is free and users are required to have an active account to communicate on our platform.

Step 2: Browse Catalog or List an Item

Buyers can browse through the many items listed and contact the seller when they find something of interest. Sellers can post items absolutely free.

Step 3: Set Up an Exchange

When you are ready to exchange electronics for crypto, communicate the details amongst yourselves of where and when to meet.

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